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Regular cleaning of your air ducts and dryer vent can keep your energy costs low, reduce your risk of a fire and improve your indoor air quality. If you're looking for helpful suggestions on how to keep your home or business fresh and clean, then check out our tips below.

Check your vents periodically

Doing a visual inspection of the vents in your home is a great and easy way to tell if your overall ducts could need cleaning. Dust and materials stuck in the slats mean that it's probably clogging up the inside of the duct as well, and that they both could use cleaning out. Keeping them clear is a great way to lower energy spending, and it also will keep your air fresher. You may also notice signs of bugs, making a cleaning all the more prudent.

Bad allergies indoors may mean poor air quality

If you or anyone in your family noticeably suffers from harsh allergy symptoms indoors, a hard time breathing when they have a condition such as asthma, or even fatigue in general, this can all point to having bad air quality in the home that's aggravating the health of everyone inside. Poor air can continue to harm those breathing it and lower their overall well-being over time if it's left to worsen, and it can be dangerous particularly for children and the elderly.

Don’t ignore signs that the dryer vent needs cleaning

These are very easy to notice, so the only thing is for you to take action right away. The most common ones include the dryer taking too much time to do its work, the unit becoming very hot while working and hot and humid air in the laundry room. With proper dryer vent cleaning, you will have a higher level of safety and save energy.


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