Are Leaky Ducts Wasting Your Money?

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Are Leaky Ducts Wasting Your Money?

Leaky Ducts Wasting Your Money | Air Duct Cleaning Spring Valley, CA

The air ducts in your home play a vital role in maintaining a balanced air flow indoors. Heated and cool air, however, has an escape route on its way to your living spaces if there’s a leak or hole in the ductworks. These gaps, cracks, and leaks, although small, bring a plethora of big problems. They have a negative impact on your comfort, energy bills, and other aspects of your household. Here’s how leaky ducts part you from your hard-earned money.

Higher Energy Bills

Your HVAC system, even a newly built one, will struggle with leaky ducts. The air-conditioned flow escapes through the leaks which in turn means the furnace has to heat or cool longer to match your thermostat preferences. The more you leave the issue unattended, the longer you deal with a spike in energy bills. In that situation, your HVAC system will be straining more with a chance of a sooner breakdown.

Build-up of Dust and Debris

Have you noticed your home is quite dusty, even after you’ve dusted the place? Leaky ducts are usually the main fault behind this. The ducts in your home suck up dust, dirt, and other dirty contaminants from your attic, crawl space, or basement. Instead of terminating these pollutants externally, leaky ducts allow for an easy escape route into your home. What you end up with is an indoor air quality problem, which can affect wellbeing of your entire household.

Blocked Air Filter

The debris that doesn’t find its way into your home will pile up inside your ducts and clog your air filter, leading to it needing frequent changing. If you leave your filter unchanged, you only worsen the problem, since your system has to push air harder through the blocked filter. Addressing the issue and nipping it in the bud will make your rooms feel adequately air conditioned.

If you suspect your ducts may be leaking, have one of our professionals in Spring Valley, CA over to have a look. We can help you get your home comfortable again and reduce energy costs along the way.


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