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Dryer Vent Cleaning | Lemon Grove |Air Duct Cleaning Spring Valley

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Customer Issue: Mr. Robbins noticed a burning smell when his dryer ran, and immediately grew concerned, calling us for help.
Our Solution: Unfortunately, enough lint and dust had built up in Mr. Robbins’ dryer vent that the hot air caused it to start to melt, hence the smell. If left long enough, it could have started a fire. Once the dryer had been disconnected and pushed out of the way, our team used specialized equipment to completely clear out the vent of materials.

Sam Robbins - Lemon Grove
Vent Cleaning Near La Presa | Air Duct Cleaning Spring Valley

Vent Cleaning

Customer Issue: Mr. Webb decided to have his air vents cleaned as part of a new home maintenance regime.
Our Solution: Only about half of the customer’s vents were in truly dire need of cleaning, but even the bests of them were slightly overdue. Each was unscrewed, washed and scoured front and back, and had its duct entrance thoroughly cleaned as well before going back in with fresh screws.

Kamal Webb - La Presa
Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning Near Lemon Grove | Air Duct Cleaning Spring Valley

Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning

Customer Issue: The customer’s catering kitchen gets a lot of use out of its hooded stove, and he knew it was time for cleaning.
Our Solution: Our first step was to take the hood apart and power wash, scour, and scrub every dirtied surface before drying them. Next, the exhaust duct got the full power washing treatment, with some intensive scrubbing with our utility hose attachments before reattachment.

Sheridon Craig - Lemon Grove
Commercial Duct Cleaning Near La Presa | Air Duct Cleaning Spring Valley

Commercial Duct Cleaning

Customer Issue: This customer, who believes in preventative maintenance to prolong the life of the air duct system, chose our services for the annual upkeep.
Our Solution: Using cutting-edge commercial cleaning equipment, our team carried out a full air duct cleaning at the site, removing dirt, mold and other debris buildups from the entire system, and then resealed all access points.

David Beach - La Presa
Air Duct Cleaning Project | Air Duct Cleaning Spring Valley, CA

Air Duct Cleaning

Customer Issue: Dirty air ducts.
Our Solution: We used specialized vacuum cleaning to dislodge and then remove dust and other particles. After we finished, we reattached all the registers and diffusers and made sure there was no leftover dust around the room.

Brendon McDonald - Lemon Grove
Vent Cleaning Project | Air Duct Cleaning Spring Valley, CA

Vent Cleaning

Customer Issue: Wanted to have some wall vents cleaned.
Our Solution: Our team arrived with safe ladders to be able to reach the tall vents. After removing them and cleaning them thoroughly with a special detergent, we carefully reinstalled them after drying them off.

Byron McConnell - Spring Valley
Vent Replacement | Air Duct Cleaning Spring Valley, CA

Vent Replacement

Customer Issue: Worn and damaged aluminum foil vent.
Our Solution: Our check showed the aluminum foil vent was letting air out and could easily catch on fire. We removed it, took some measurements, and installed a new vent made of semi-rigid metal. It is safer, more efficient, more durable and easier to maintain.

Mike Davis - Spring Valley
Air Duct Cleaning Service | Air Duct Cleaning Spring Valley, CA

Air Duct Cleaning Service

Customer Issue: Mold in the HVAC air ducts.
Our Solution: We used our finest equipment to extract the mold even from the tightest corners of the ductwork. The next step involved disinfecting the surfaces to kill any remaining spores. We completed the job by setting up a UV cleanser to prevent future mold growth.

Caren Andrews - La Mesa
Air Duct Repair | Air Duct Cleaning Spring Valley, CA

Air Duct Repair

Customer Issue: Large hole in the HVAC ductwork.
Our Solution: We discovered a 3-inch hole in one of the air ducts and sealed it using sheet metal and two layers of mastic sealant – one under the sheet and one above it, to guarantee the best possible insulation. Screwing down the sheet was also necessary for achieving a permanent result.

Oliver Harris - Spring Valley

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